Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nokia N97: An N-Series Communicator

This article is a review of Nokia N97, specifically in comparison with Nokia E90 Communicator.

Nokia N97


Expected to release in the second quarter of 2009, the N97 touchphone still offers the good-old-days Carl Zeiss 5 megapixel camera, which is not a shame for a Communicator. But despite its Communicator form factor and styling, because it’s got an N badge and its model number starts with the top number 9, it’s expected to be a cure to the N96 disaster. Well, it isn’t.

It’s packed with goodies like proximity sensor, but the lack of an 8-megapixel camera and the absence of a xenon flash is not acceptable for a flagship cellphone in 2009. I mean look at the N95 the day it was announced, it was truly a flagship model, packed with all the technologies a consumer’s money could buy, it was really “what computers have become”, but both the N96 and N97 are designed to be illegitimate children. Nokia’s roadmap is diverted to hell, right after the lunch of the successful N95. These are truly mass-market products, something just to come and go, while they should focus on making something to be remembered, just like the N95. That’s exactly what Apple has done with their lame iPhone.

Look at the N96, the renewed N81 8GB, have you ever asked an owner and heard anything other than “the TV is cool!” (referring to the DVB-H feature)? What they say should read “paying $700 (€550) for a handheld TV is cool”!

The Nokia N97 will be available in two colors; white with a flashy chrome bezel, targeted for iTards planning to replace their Apple iPhone (wrong, no iTard would ever buy anything non-Apple), and brown, targeted for those planning to replace their Nokia E90 Communicator. This leaves people owning Nokia N95 8GB (and even Nokia N95) with no “Nokia” replacement choices so far.


As a freshened E90 Communicator then, it’s a lame step forward; the camera’s better (sadly not 8-meg with xenon), the stereo speakers are optimally placed in the front left and right, the screen dimension ratio is properly 16:9 (sadly not multi-touch), the battery performance is spectacular (although both are rated 1500 mAh nominal), it’s got proximity (auto-turn-off) and accelerometer (auto-rotate) sensors, it’s got faster CPU and bigger memory, it’s packed with TV out and RDS FM tuner, it uses a more optimal form factor and doesn’t look like a brick, it’s way lighter, and it’s cheaper.


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  3. I went to the Nokia flagship store in New York city six days ago and picked myself up a Nokia n97 for $699. With tax it was over $750 so this phone was not cheap. I am a nokia fanboy and heavily involved in the s60 user community in the newyourk.


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