Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Plextor PX-810SA Finally Got What It Deserved

I had bought a Plextor PX-810SA SATA burner the day it was out without noticing under the skin it’s not an original Plextor. Yes, it’s a rebadged Pioneer DVR-112D. Those thieves at Plextor charge people threefold for something that is by far worse than its original when it comes to all aspects of hardware support and firmware upgrade.

The drive has only burnt around 50 CDs/DVDs in its entire filthy life, then started playing a nasty disappearing game since a month ago. The burner was disappearing from system, causing Windows to throw the following PlugPlayManager error inside Event Viewer:

The device 'PLEXTOR DVDR PX-810SA ATA Device' (IDE\CdRomPLEXTOR_DVDR___PX-810SA_________________1.01____\5&8b981cb&0&4.0.0) disappeared from the system without first being prepared for removal.

Believe me, it’s crazy when it happens right in the process of burning, with Nero suddenly receiving “oops! your drive’s gone” from Windows Plug & Play Manager, leaving the optical media uncooked.

Upgrading its firmware to 1.01 didn’t solve the issue. Then I checked many webpages tagged with the same problem, but it was hopeless. I didn’t bother checking with the dealer though, and today I suddenly decided to give it what it deserves for being the nastiest burner ever. Yes, you’re right, I hammered it to the edge of the desk’s leg, times and times, until it was shattered completely. You cannot believe how refreshing was the experience. To be honest, it was tougher than what I’d thought!

Shattered Plextor PX-810SA front panel Shattered Plextor PX-810SA back panel

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  1. Way to go Komeil... I have the same model. It doesnt work in windows7 (win wont start if device is merely plugged in lol). Pioneer has a fix for that on their site for 112D so its all good... oh wait it isnt, I paid 4x more for my "plextor" so I guess we suckers are bound to... suck.